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You've been hired to investigate a spooky mystery. Also, you are a dog.

  • Rules-light role playing game -  easy to setup and quick to run
  • Random tables for generating the mystery and creating your doggo

Note: All proceeds from the sale of Mystery Mutts will be donated to the ASPCA. Learn more at https://aspca.org

Credit where due: This game was heavily inspired by Honey Heist by Grant Howitt. Its a brilliant, hilarious, lightweight game about bears who are also criminals. Check out more of Grant’s work at http://lookrobot.co.uk/games/ 


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This is not the kind of comment I usually leave on itch.io, but you asked for feedback on Reddit and then it went down for site maintenance: 

The game seems too...procedural. I'm just not seeing enough charm or whimsy for the concept. This is most obvious in your character creation, where none of the personalities or dog breeds make a particularly interesting character. And if you want the comedy to come from playing the game completely straight (not acknowledging the inherent silliness of the premise) then I'd like to see you lean into that harder, where the comedy comes from trying to play a normal mystery game as dogs that keep getting distracted by birds. 


This is fantastic feedback, I'll work on updating the breeds/personalities, maybe have some tradeoffs like, "Very good at chasing things, but is easily distracted by birds". I think that gets closer to what you're looking for and would add a ton of personality to the game. Thank you!