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The Mad Mage Morag has been luring adventurers into his endless dungeon with promise of great treasure. Secretly, he's using these adventurers as unknowing test subjects for his newest spells, traps, and monsters. Great danger awaits curious adventurers!

The Endless Dungeon of the Mad Mage Morag is a tri-fold pamphlet that can be used to generate a (mostly) endless dungeon. Great for a night when the GM doesn't have anything specific planned. Easy to setup, rules that are light and easily interpretable by the GM, and systemless! 

  • Each room contains a threat that must be completed or a puzzle that must be solved before players can collect the treasure and move on to the next room
  • Contains 20 unique rooms and 20 unique pieces of treasure
  • Includes rumors that can act as adventure hooks or setup for a one-shot.

Install instructions

Print it and fold it in thirds.


Endless Dungeon of the Mad Mage Morag.pdf 18 MB


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It's excellent, but I think you mean the dungeon's gate is destroyed on a roll of 12 *or less*.

Good question, my original intent with this rule was to make the amount of times the dungeon could be explored limited, because of the *dank* treasure, it could easily be exploited if it was infinitely explorable. Revisiting this rule, there are probably much better ways to implement it, and i think your suggestion of making it some sort of range is better, especially with the +1 modifier, because then it becomes a probability thing. It should actually be something like... 

Roll a d20, on a 17+ the gate crumbles, also add +1 each time they revisit the dungeon.

This would make it so on first visit if they rolled a 17-20 it crumbles, and the next visit 16-20, then 15-20 etc etc. This increase the probability of crumbling each time in a way that actually makes sense.

This could also be flipped so that a LOW roll causes the gate to crumble, which is more inline with how lots of systems treat failure, but i feel like the math would be slightly more complicated, and i always try to make my games easy to grok.

I'll make sure to revise this when i update the pamphlet. 


Great thinking ! I've seen it easily understandable with phrasing such as "Their roll must beat a difficulty of 3. Each time they come back, the difficulty increases by 1."


So excited to play this!