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It's excellent, but I think you mean the dungeon's gate is destroyed on a roll of 12 *or less*.

Good question, my original intent with this rule was to make the amount of times the dungeon could be explored limited, because of the *dank* treasure, it could easily be exploited if it was infinitely explorable. Revisiting this rule, there are probably much better ways to implement it, and i think your suggestion of making it some sort of range is better, especially with the +1 modifier, because then it becomes a probability thing. It should actually be something like... 

Roll a d20, on a 17+ the gate crumbles, also add +1 each time they revisit the dungeon.

This would make it so on first visit if they rolled a 17-20 it crumbles, and the next visit 16-20, then 15-20 etc etc. This increase the probability of crumbling each time in a way that actually makes sense.

This could also be flipped so that a LOW roll causes the gate to crumble, which is more inline with how lots of systems treat failure, but i feel like the math would be slightly more complicated, and i always try to make my games easy to grok.

I'll make sure to revise this when i update the pamphlet. 


Great thinking ! I've seen it easily understandable with phrasing such as "Their roll must beat a difficulty of 3. Each time they come back, the difficulty increases by 1."


So excited to play this!